Socially concerned

APG is a good corporate citizen. By having an eye for the world around us, we hope to grow up future generations a livable society. We strive for a careful balance between people, planet and profit.

Attention to people and the environment can go hand in hand with good financial performance

If pension provider, we have a long-term nature. We are working on the future of the current generation of participants of the principal pension funds. For us, sustainability means that the needs of future generations also play a significant role. APG advises its clients intensively with respect to responsible investing. The intended positive effects, given the size of the invested capital diverge considerably. Responsible investment is therefore also an integrated part of the investment process.

To be able to give concrete on what we have done on behalf of the commissioning funds, we'll invest a record recognized each year on the website Reponsible Investing.

Responsible Investment

APG believes that concern for people and the environment can go hand in hand with good financial performance. In terms of asset management, APG utilises its scale to exert influence on companies to comply with the international guidelines for corporate responsibility and Corporate Governance. For example, we make maximum use of our voting rights on behalf of client funds at shareholders’ meetings of the companies in which we invest. APG focuses on investment schemes and propositions which have a sustainable nature, such as alternative energy, environmentally friendly technology and infrastructure. Moreover, we exert influence on companies by actively exercising our shareholder rights. APG issues a Responsible Investment Report every year. Here we report on what APG has done in terms of its responsible investment policy during the preceding year. The principle aim of APG’s responsible investment policy is to contribute to risk-weighted financial performance with a focus on socially responsible investment practice and making a contribution to the integrity of financial markets. Through this policy, APG expresses and gives substance to the social responsibility of its clients. The international standards for sustainability and governance APG applies in this regard are based on the United Nations Global Compact, the International Corporate Governance Network Statement on Global Corporate Governance Principles and the guidelines for multinational corporations and the OECD’s Principles of Corporate Governance.

Sustainable business practices

We strive to attain the smallest possible ecological footprint. We do this by reducing as far as possible our environmental impact, power consumption and our CO2 emissions and, where possible, by a commitment to 100% clean production. APG has taken steps that are intended to ensure the environmental policy of our own operations is properly implemented and the objectives are achieved. A concrete example of this is the decision to take part in the Heerlen mine water project. From the start of 2013, APG’s renovated headquarters in Heerlen is to make use of mine water to cool the building. The office does not require heating since its own data centre produces sufficient warmth to heat the building. In fact, it produces excess warmth and soon this is to be fed into the mine water plant to provide heating to other clients. In this way, APG can achieve a significant reduction of CO2 emissions. Moreover, the office has become one of the most sustainable office buildings currently existing in the Netherlands.