With its Employer Services, APG assures you of expert advice and the scrupulous administration. For employers as well as employees. With comprehensive experience in administering pension and redundancy pay schemes, sector-specific expertise of all above statutory minimum benefit schemes and APG’s technology infrastructure, we are a natural partner for many employers.

Employer Services offers more

Above statutory minimum benefit schemes, redundancy pay, General Pensions (Holders of Political Office) Act (APPA), reintegration obligations: all of these things are the employer’s responsibility. And rightly so. However, that does not mean that you need to free up your own people and resources for this specialized work. APG’s clear recommendations and punctual administration provide you with the peace of mind and space needed to focus on your core business. We alleviate you from any concerns across the full breadth of the administrative services. Including effective information and feedback, enabling you to assume your responsibility without any concerns.


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Outsourcing saves manpower

The administration of pension and redundancy pay schemes has legal, financial, administrative and policy-related implications. The required investigative and organizational work often puts an additional burden on the organization. This is aside from any potential modifications to enable your administrative systems to effectively issue payments. Outsourcing this to APG relieves your organization on all fronts and provides greater assurance, peace of mind and time. Therefor more energy and attention is left to devote to your core business. 

When you decide to acquire APG’s Employer Services, you acquire:

  • Expertise: APG is the sum total of its specialists. We have committed and highly educated people in the field of pension administration, policy advice and implementation. And we are experts in the field of redundancy pay and above statutory minimum benefit schemes – we provide specialized advice and administration services for multiple customers in various sectors.
  • Efficiency: APG’s digitized and largely automated customer processes provide ease, speed and assurance. For employers as well as employees. APG relieves the employer’s organization from any concerns, enabling it to devote more time, money and energy to its core business.
  • Assurance: APG guarantees a reliable and robust administration: legally compliant, secure data traffic, timely payments and/or collection, professional advice and clear progress statements.
  • Personal attention: All communication with existing and former employees can be conducted with the name and the logo of the employer. In addition, APG provides personal guidance on your behalf where necessary. 

Products and services

APG is ready to support you with the following Employer Services:

  • Administration: administration of special benefit schemes, such as the redundancy pay and above statutory minimum benefit schemes (BWW) and the administration of pensions and benefits under the General Pensions (Holders of Political Office) Act (APPA
  • Communication: personal communications, online as well as offline. 
  • Independant advice:
    • related to Improvement and administration of absence and reintegration policies.
    • focused on vitality and mobility for employers and employees.
    • about regulations and support in terms of any repercussions.
    • supervising work-to-work-journeys of re-integration.