Reggie Pieters

Project Officer

 In 2015 I completed the course for communications assistant. As a project officer I enjoy, in particular, a varied job, one in which you also have to deal with 'emergency' situations. This means that when a deadline has to be met or something unexpected suddenly comes up, you have to drop everything and concentrate on the emergency.

Consequently, you have to be flexible, be able to put things into perspective and... cope with stress. Every day is a challenge, as you never know how your day is going to start or finish! I also maintain contact with artists on behalf of APG's Arts Committee. In addition, I also help independently at events, seminars and other team projects.

A spider in the web

Shortly, I have completed the educational course 'assistant to communications'. I have benefited enormously from this course, particularly as I was actively made use of in projects being run by my colleagues. When working on these projects, I receive coaching and feedback so I was able to learn and make my mark in practice directly. This enabled me to develop (both personally and professionally). My manager is continually encouraging me to develop my talents!

Reggie Pieters