Jean Paul Koopmans

Portfoliomanager aandelen

Working for a large asset manager means that we do not only often speak with analysts and economists, but also with the management of large international companies. I devote a great deal of time to preparing investment cases whereby I investigate whether companies have been correctly valuated in the current market. Searching out the pearls is the ultimate challenge!

An open organization

Investing is not a discipline that you can learn by studying books. This is why it is very important that there is knowledge transfer within the organization. At APG I have noticed that I have colleagues who take the time to teach me the ropes of the trade. For a young professional APG is an ideal breeding ground that offers a steep learning curve. Via Young APG, younger employees within the organization are given the opportunity of establishing contacts, and to broaden and deepen their knowledge about APG as a whole. Activities organized by Young APG include lunch sessions with management, lower house debates and sports events.

Always in motion

The world of pensions is always in motion. APG, and specifically APG Asset Management, is an organization in motion as well. Something that characterizes APG is that the organization as a whole is always looking for areas for improvement. As a result my colleagues and I are continuously challenged to not only improve ourselves, but also to extend this to include a broader perspective. During my assignment with project management I became aware of the many ideas that are generated at APG. In short: a dynamic and energetic organization in which you are given the freedom to develop yourself.

Jean Paul Koopmans