Esmoreit Baptist

Teamleider Windows Server Management

I am team leader of the Windows Server Management department, which is part of the Infrastructure Operations team of ICT.

Technical management

In this department we carry out the technical management of applications installed on the Microsoft Windows Server. We manage the Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync environments, for instance. We also take on large infrastructure projects, such as data center migrations and the set-up of new pension administration centers for new clients. Along with the operational management of the department, I am also responsible for the annual HR cycle for the employees, which focuses on personal development and growth.

Personal motivation

APG provides pensions for 4.5 million people including my father, my sister and myself. There is therefore a great deal of social and personal relevance. Behind all those complex ICT systems, investments, calculations and processes, there is always a person who relies on their monthly pension payment. Sometimes that person is someone you know very well; I can't think of a better motivation.

Esmoreit Baptist