Annick Kuipers

corporate trainee

I started in the Continuous Improvement & Innovation department. This allowed me to use my change knowledge and in the role of consultant I was allowed to focus on a cultural change within a department of APG. And just when you think ‘I feel completely at home here’, then it's time for a new assignment. I deliberately chose something outside my comfort zone for my second assignment to continue to challenge myself. This was a pension-related assignment with the Corporate Strategy department where I explored the theme of ‘duty of care with respect to a changing pension system’. This actually felt like a new job on the first day since it was a new assignment, with new colleagues and at a new location. My third assignment is completely different. With a number of colleagues from various disciplines, I’m leading a strategic project regarding the future of APG. I find it really great that I am able to do this as a trainee and especially that I have gained so much confidence.

Diverse company

APG is a diverse company with multiple business units and locations, all united by the pension participant. Together we are working towards a good pension for the future and, in my view, this social goal makes us different from other companies in the financial sector. The pension sector is in full swing. Our organization has a strong focus on improvement and innovation to contribute to a good income for the participant in the future. This focus is a strong motivator for me in my daily work.

Corporate Traineeship

The four different assignments of a corporate traineeship give you a good view of the organization and the opportunity to discover what you're good at. And, actually more importantly, what you like. The traineeship offers various trainings to develop yourself both professionally and personally. APG gives you plenty of space to determine your own path and your assignments give you the chance to show what you can do. And just as important, you start with trainees who are as enthusiastic as you are. I really like being able to share my experiences and I can always go to them for advice and a listening ear. In addition, at APG we take many further steps to develop ourselves and get to know the organization better. For instance, our 'trainees on tour' activity where we have lunch every quarter with a Board member or manager to learn more about their vision of APG. We also see drinks parties as a good way to network.


Annick Kuipers