A partner for our clients

Ensuring the money that employees and their employers put aside each month for their pension earns the best possible return at an acceptable risk. That is the goal of the investment policy we implement on behalf of our clients.

As a long-term investor, it is important to us that companies have good environmental and personnel policies and they are well governed. Continuous attention to these environment, social and governance (ESG) factors gives us better insight into opportunities and risks, and contributes to good long-term returns.

Responsible investing is becoming increasingly important to our clients. Their participants and pensioners attach growing value to the knowledge that their money is invested responsibly. Civil society organizations challenge our clients on this issue with greater frequency.

As a responsible investor, we are a partner for our clients. A partner that not only manages assets, but also provides support in further developing the responsible investment policy and helps in communicating about it. You can read about what steps we took in 2014 in this report.

Eduard van Gelderen

CIO APG Group and CEO APG Asset Management

APG High Sustainability Investments

Number of contacts with companies by topic

Voting record at shareholders’ meetings

Reduction in the environmental footprint of our real estate investments

920.000 megawatt

Energy savings equal to the annual electricity consumption of all inhabitants of the city of Utrecht

140.000 cars

Less greenhouse gases equivalent to the annual emissions of 140,000 cars (350 million kg CO2)

1.668 Olympic pools

A water conservation with a size of 1.688 Olympic swimming pools (4.2 billion liters)

406 billion

Total invested assets (start of 2016)

997 million

Investments in green bonds

2,5 billion

APG will double the investments in renewable energy to 2 billion

38 billion

Investments with a high sustainability value


Shareholder meetings where we were represented


Listed companies which were contacted about ESG


Number of companies on our exclusion list

25 %

Decrease CO2 footprint of equity investments