APG's Responsible Investment Report 2016

During 2017 we were awarded a top rank as the asset manager performing best across a range of measures relating to policies and disclosure of the risks of climate change. Our clients are leaders in sustainable and responsible investment. Starting in 2013, they were among the first pension funds to measure the CO2 footprint of their equities portfolios and since then, we have further developed the method we used for this. In 2016 we took a new step by actively focusing on reducing the CO2 footprint of our portfolios and to achieve this in an efficient way, we developed a data system that provides our in house investment teams up-to-date information on the footprint of their portfolios. The result was that as of the end of 2016, the CO2 footprint of our equities portfolios was 16% down on the benchmark year of 2014. This responsible investment report sets out how we did this and more during 2016.