Title Publication date
Brochure Pension in progress10 Jan 2017Bekijken
Responsible Investment Report 201505 Sep 2016Bekijken
APG Group's annual report 2015 05 Aug 2016Bekijken
Pension doc., number 2, june 201621 Jun 2016Bekijken
Responsible investment report 2014 - web20 Sep 2015Bekijken
Responsible investment report 2014 - PDF26 Aug 2015Bekijken
Pension Doc. number 1, 201505 Jun 2015Bekijken
APG's annual report 201403 Jun 2015Bekijken
Pension Background 1 201428 Oct 2014Bekijken
APG's annual Report APG 201330 Jun 2014Bekijken
Responsible investment report 201313 Jun 2014Bekijken
Pension background, number 2, may 201428 Apr 2014Bekijken
APG pension background may 201305 Dec 2013Bekijken
Annual report APG Group 201228 Jul 2013Bekijken
Responsible Investment Report 201206 Jul 2013Bekijken
pension background nr1 201201 Jan 2012Bekijken
APG Group 2011 annual report01 Jan 2012Bekijken
Corporate Governance Framework 201109 Sep 2011Bekijken
Annual report 201011 Jun 2011Bekijken
Annual Corporate Social Responsibility report APG 200910 Jun 2010Bekijken
Annual Corporate Social Responsibility report APG 2009 GRI indicators10 Jun 2010Bekijken
Responsible investment report 200910 Jun 2010Bekijken
Annual review APG 200910 Jun 2010Bekijken
Responsible investment report 200803 Jun 2009Bekijken
Annual review APG Group 200803 Jun 2009Bekijken

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