Recently an article was published in the New York Times about the American pension system that is in desperate need of improvement and the Dutch system could be a model for this. With the title: “No Smoke No mirrors: the Dutch Pension Plan” the article provides a good picture of how Americans view our pension system. Read more >

Test: What is your pension personality?

Disappointed dutiful participants, unconcerned developers, rational entrepreneurs.” These are just some of the five pension personalities APG has discovered among Dutch pension participants. APG believes pension funds can communicate with participants in a more relevant way by gearing information to the participant’s personality and motives. Read more >

Heerlen Campus gets a flying start

Smart Services Campus stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship in smart services and attracts and retains young talent for the region

Heerlen will be the heart of a new internationally-oriented campus for the development of smart services. Almost €40 million will be invested in the campus over the coming years, with total operation of €100 million euros over 10 years. The goal is to create 2,000 to 2,500 new jobs with dozens of start-ups, spin-offs and the arrival of new businesses. International company Accenture and professional services provider Conclusion have already expressed their intention to give the Smart Services Campus a flying start with their arrival in Limburg. Read more >

Confirmation of sustainability ambitions at the UN Climate Summit in New York

In the next three years, APG wants to double its investments in sustainable energy generation from one to two billion EURO. Today, in a speech at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, APG executive Angelien Kemna emphasizes the role that pension funds and institutional investors can play in combating climate change. Read more >

APG sets remuneration guidelines

for listed European companies

APG Asset Management has formulated guidelines for remuneration at listed European companies in its global portfolio. APG has taken this step to clarify its perspective as a shareholder that focuses on long-term value creation and to make discussions on the subject of pay with the boards of these companies more effective. Read more >

There has been a great deal of interest in the first collective pension scheme offered for self-employed (ZZPers). In a survey conducted by income insurer Loyalis (part of APG), 60% of respondents said they would (definitely) be participating in the new scheme and 10% said they would definitely participate. The survey was held among 3,700 members of the cooperating ZZP organizations Zelfstandigen Bouw, Stichting ZZP Nederland, PZO-ZZP and FNV Zelfstandigen. Read more >

Response to pension communication bill

Is it only about improving pension communication?

Tuesday 2 September 2014, State Secretary Jetta Klijnsma submitted a Pension Communication Bill to the House of Representatives. The aim of this Bill is to make it easier for people to find out about their pension and give them a better idea of the current position. Read more >

Pension for salaries above €100,000 improved

Net scheme for top salaries more favorable than announced by government earlier

Employees with an income of more than €100,000 can continue to save more pension than was expected to be the case. The new net pension saving scheme for high salaries is more favorable than the government had announced before the summer. This emerged from the final proposal that State Secretaries Jetta Klijnsma of Social Affairs and Eric Wiebes of Finance sent to the House of Representatives this week. Read more >

Going Dutch

Better pensions for the Brits

Ruben Laros and Alwin Oerlemans talk about the surprise in the British Queen’s Speech this year: collective pensions in line with the Dutch CDC (collective defined contribution) model are to become possible in the United Kingdom. In addition to other innovations in the British pension system, such as the introduction of the NEST with national coverage, legislation is being introduced to enable a tenable pension scheme based on risk sharing. Read more >

APG Professor of Pension Markets nominated as one of four new Crown members

The Cabinet of the Netherlands has decided to nominate four new Crown members for appointment at the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER). One of them is Prof dr Fieke van der Lecq. Fieke van der Lecq: "The timing of this nomination is opportune. I am especially looking forward to making a contribution to the recommendations on the pension system that are being prepared by the SER." Read more >

Change will take place on September 1st, 2014

As per September 1st of this year, the composition of APG’s Executive Board of Directors will change. Angelien Kemna will become APG’s new Chief Finance and Risk Officer (CFRO). She will succeed Peter Kok, who has held this role within the Board of Directors on an interim basis. Read more >

'Toward a new pension system in the Netherlands'

APG contributes to conference on future of the pension system

On June 5 2014 a conference entitled “Toward a new pension system in the Netherlands” was held in Rotterdam. Onno Steenbeek (Managing Director, Asset Liability Management at APG and professor at the Erasmus School of Economics) was organizer and honorary chairman. Read more >

Basis laid for pension for self-employed

ZZP organizations and APG sign Letter of Intent

Four national ZZP organizations (organizations of the self-employed and freelancers) and APG have signed a Letter of Intent for the formation of a pension scheme. In this Letter of Intent, the principles for the pension scheme and the administration of this scheme are recorded. Read more >

Pension provider APG, Maastricht University and the Province of Limburg signed a letter of intent today, thereby taking the first step towards creating a smart services campus in Heerlen in order to strengthen innovation and talent in the region. Read more >

APG publishes 2013 annual report

APG published its annual report for 2013 today. It reported an operating result of € 193 million, a decrease of € 29 million compared to 2012. The total operating income (turnover and investment results) amounted to € 1.05 billion, € 360 million lower than the total operating income in 2012. Read more >

New FTK does not result in major changes

On Wednesday, June 25, State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment Jetta Klijnsma sent the legislative proposal for amendment of the Financial Assessment Framework (abbreviated FTK in Dutch) to the Dutch House of Representatives. In this proposal the government proposes limited changes with respect to the current supervisory framework for pension funds. Read more >

APG intended administrator ZZP Pension

ZZP Pension Fund possible thanks to many years of lobbying by cooperatiing ZZP organizations

On June 19, 2014, the cooperating ZZP organizations Zelfstandigen Bouw, ZZP Nederland, PZO and FNV zelfstandigen* announced that a pension for ZZPers was a fact. The intention is to have the APG subsidiaries Inadmin and Loyalis administer the scheme. Very shortly, a letter of intent will be signed. Read more >

to expand its leading logistics real estate footprint across China

APG Asset Management and Chinese warehousing developer and operator e-Shang announced that APG will commit up to $650 million for an approximately 20% stake in the company and the creation of a strategic joint venture, to develop and own institutional-grade, logistics real estate assets across China. Read more >

State Secretary received first Governance Toolkit

APG contributed to this toolkit for Pension Funds

The Toolkit 'Governance Pension Funds' is a practical guide, meant for people in governing roles within pension funds: directors, supervisors and members of participant councils and accountability bodies. The Toolkit was developed by the ‘Nationaal Register’ in cooperation with the 'Pensioenfederatie’, PwC, SPO, Van Doorne, VITP and APG. Read more >

Alwin Oerlemans, Director Institutional Business Development for pension provider APG, indicated during an afternoon study session of the Dutch Association of Investment Analysts (VBA) that the pension investor can expect to see new innovations emerge over the coming years. For example, what can be done to improve the investability of illiquid assets? Read more >

Nicoly Vermeulen appointed Member of the Supervisory Board

Also member of the Audit Committee

The General Meeting of Shareholders appointed Nicoly Vermeulen as a member of the Supervisory Board of APG Groep NV. Nicoly will also be a member of the Audit Committee. The Works Council was intensively involved with this appointment, since there was an enhanced recommendation for this position. Read more >

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