The project is awarded for the Dutch architecture award 2011 by the Dutch Architectural Forum (Nederlands Architectuur Forum (NAF)). Henk Dado and Titus Sips, both employees of APG, have played an important roles in this project. Read more >

APG not related to APG REIT

In recent times, questions from worried people reached us about a company which holds itself out as a real estate investment trust under the name of APG REIT. Read more >

Investors stimulate property sector to disclose environmental performance

Commercial property sector improves energy efficiency

340 of the world’s largest property funds have disclosed detailed data on the environmental performance of their portfolio. A report shows that reporting on environmental metrics has improved substantially. Frontrunners in the commercial property sector reduced their energy consumption by 3 percent. Read more >

Pension funds show resilience

APG presents Annual Report 2010

In 2010, the APG Group has recorded a total return of 13,3 percent for pension funds, totalling 32 billion euro. After a sharp decrease in the funding ratios of the APG customers, they have recovered in the reported year. APG Group works for 32 customers and at year-end 2010, it managed assets totalling 272 billion euro. Read more >

Proposal APG and Goodman on PEPR rejected

APG and Goodman’s Indicative Proposal to acquire PEPR has been rejected

APG, as manager of the APG Strategic Real Estate Pool, and Goodman Group are pleased to advise that they are considering making an offer together with a group of like minded investors to acquire for cash 100% of the ordinary units in ProLogis European Properties FCP (PEPR). Read more >

Study federal climate policy scenarios

Study finds federal climate policy scenarios would have modest credit impacts for most U.S. chemicals subsectors. S&P, WRI release report on climate policy scenarios and the US Chemicals Industry. Read more >

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