You can count on quality assistance and implementation of your asset management process: from policy development to strategic advice and portfolio construction. After an introduction, we present you with an action plan. This will include:

  • advice on Asset Liability Management;
  • an investment strategy tailored to your pension funds’ liabilities and ambitions;
  • a proposal for a strategic portfolio;
  • a proposal for implementation and transition of your pension assets.

The investment process consists of three steps

Asset Liability Management

Asset Liability Management is a highly valuable tool to find the best combination of investment policy, extent of indexation and contribution structure of your pension fund. A worked-out example of your assets and pension liabilities in various scenarios will provide highly useful insights.

When compiling your strategic investment portfolio, an Asset Liability Management (ALM) study is a highly valuable tool. This involves calculations on your pension assets and your pension liabilities in various scenarios. This results in an optimal combination of investment policy, extent of indexation and premium structure for your pension fund.

An ALM study is primarily based on your preferences in risk and return. Together with the requirements of the Financial Assessment Framework (FTK) and all other data, we converge this into a single analysis. The calculation models applied are continually adjusted to the dynamics of the financial markets.

Strategic investment advice

Our advice helps ensure optimal implementation of your investment strategy. In collaboration with you, we draw up an investment strategy on the basis of a balance between your investment principles and a view of the global economy. Our advice will serve you to achieve the optimal implementation of your strategy.

After the investment policy, liabilities and attitude to risk of your pension fund have been determined, we draw up an investment strategy with you. This process requires a thorough knowledge of your situation and a high degree of interaction. An open relationship with you, as a client, is therefore the first prerequisite to ensure the right approach.

In this context, we provide advice on the basis of pre-determined investment principles and an up-to-date view of the global economy. For example, by making use of analyses of various economic scenarios, estimates of potential returns and assessments of the risks associated with the investment portfolio. The outcome is an optimal investment strategy: one entirely tailored to your pension fund. Once your strategy is developed, we can determine the optimal allocation of your assets.

Portfolio construction, compiling a balanced investment mix

Compiling a balanced investment mix. An optimal return ensures the desired growth of pension assets. In addition, you want to hedge a part of the risks to cover your pension fund’s liabilities. A mix of investment funds allows for adequate management of your pension assets.

We offer a wide range of 14 asset classes to achieve an optimal portfolio construction.

  • Commodities
  • Developed Markets Equity Minimum Volatility
  • Developed Markets Equity
  • Emerging Markets Debt
  • Emerging Markets Equity
  • Euro Plus Treasuries
  • Fixed Income Credits
  • Hedge Funds
  • Index Linked Bonds
  • Infrastructure
  • Long Duration Treasuries
  • Private Equity
  • Strategic Real Estate
  • Tactical Real Estate

Depending on your investment needs, we construct a mix of investment funds in consultation with your pension fund. Based on a combination of different active investment styles, we ensure a good match with your pension fund’s liabilities.