Succession for the CEO of APG per January 1, 2016.

07 dec 2015 -

The Supervisory Board has recently made intensive efforts to find a suitable successor for Dick Sluimers, in consultation with all stakeholders.

This selection process is largely complete; we are waiting for final approval.

To bridge the brief period until the appointment, the Supervisory Board has approached the current Chief Finance & Risk Officer, Angelien Kemna, who is willing to act as acting chairman of the Board of Directors.

The temporary composition of the Board of Directors of APG as of January 1, 2016 is as follows:
Dr. A.G.Z. Kemna, acting CEO & CFRO
Drs. E. van Gelderen CFA FRM, CIO
Drs. Ir. M. Boerekamp RA, COO

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