APG strives for a high level of quality in order to be able to optimally serve our clients. To maintain the level of quality we are aiming for it is important to recruit top talent, at the university level, who can be employed in different positions within the organization.

APG Traineeships:

  • Corporate Traineeship
  • Asset Management Traineeship
  • Asset Management Traineeship/Quant

A solid foundation for your career

University traineeship

Each year we are looking for university graduates with little or no work experience who are better than average and who will be making a difference within APG. Did you complete your university studies?  For corporate trainees we look for starters in business economics, riskmanagement, business studies and informatica.  For asset management trainees we look for starters in economy, finance,  business studies and riskmanagement. Are you eager to learn and do you have so many interests that you barely know where to begin? Do you not only have ambition, but are you also able to accomplish things? If so, you are a suitable candidate for the Corporate or Asset Management Traineeship

The APG Traineeship for university graduates is a two-year program during which you will be carrying out in four projects within various business units. This way you will become acquainted with our organization from the perspective of multiple disciplines. As a trainee you contribute to the success of APG and at the same time you establish a solid foundation for your own career.

What else can you expect from us?

We are convinced that the best way to learn is by doing. Furthermore, the various assignments offered by different departments ensure you acquire a great deal of experience and a broad knowledge base. Learning and development requires intensive coaching, which is why you will be assigned a mentor from day one. Someone with experience who really knows the way within our large organization and who will coach you during your traineeship.