Zit je in de laatste fase van je studie?

Are you currently completing the last stage of your studies? In that case an internship at APG is the perfect bridge to a successful career. Each year approximately 85 students are completing an internship at APG. We have positions available particularly for university and HBO students majoring in ICT, Finance and Asset Management. Of course there are opportunities in other APG business units as well. The internships we offer are in the Netherlands, but may be of an international character with English as the working language.

You will receive ample compensation for your internship at APG and intensive supervision provided by a personal internship supervisor. Together you shape your learning objectives and internship assignment. This way you become acquainted with APG from within, you contribute to developing solutions to problems and you will be given ample room to develop yourself further. This way you learn from us and we learn from you.

You have a choice of three types of internships:

  • A work experience internship during which, as a 3rd or 4th year HBO student, you carry out activities each day at a department that is relevant to you.
  • A research internship during which, as a university student, you investigate a specific and well-substantiated issue that is of added value to APG.
  • A graduation internship during which, as a 4th year HBO student, you create a bridge between theory and actual practice.

If you would like to complete an internship with us, we also ask something in return. You are young, enthusiastic and ambitious, eager to learn, proactive, purposeful and you consider delivering quality important. Naturally you must have an extensive interest in the financial world and the social relevance of APG’s work must appeal to you.

Quant internships

APG Asset Management makes extensive use of quantitative models when investing. We offer various internships for students of econometrics, mathematics or similar areas of study who would like to put their knowledge into practice. A number of colleagues come from this kind of academic background. As one of the largest investors worldwide, APG also has access to rich data sets and specialist professional knowledge. Therefore, you can count on good guidance in terms of the subject matter.

The Quantitative Equities department, which invests in equities systematically according to models, offers many quantitative challenges. Take, for instance, projects relating to the development of new investment strategies. In the Asset Liability Management department, research is constantly being conducted into the impact of (investment) policy on the coverage ratio now and in the future. The Solutions, Asset Allocation and Overlay departments and the Trading Desk also offer interesting development possibilities for interns in the quantitative disciplines.

If you would you like to know more about the possibilities in the quantitative departments, please contact APG recruitment: sourcing@apg.nl. For graduation internships, we would be happy to engage in a discussion to find an area that is interesting for both parties.