At what point do you contact my references?

This depends on the job opening. When we want to contact your references, we will always ask your permission first. Indeed, we are obliged to do so.

Is it possible that I will have to move for a position because APG is located in Heerlen and Amsterdam?

The chances are slim, but when you are asked to do so, it is up to you to decide whether you agree with this or not. If you are willing to move you will receive a moving allowance.

How do I know whether a job opening is still available?

When the job opening is no longer accessible online, the position has been staffed or the job opening has been dropped. When you saw an attractive job opening a few days ago on, but it is now no longer listed among the job openings. Unfortunately this means that the job opening is no longer available and it is therefore no longer useful to apply for this function.

Why has this job opening been listed online for such a long time?

If a job opening is listed for an extended period of time this generally means that we are looking for several candidates with the same profile.

I did not receive confirmation of receipt. Now what?

When you apply via our website you will receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt. If you did not receive this confirmation, something has gone wrong. In this case you better contact one of the recruiters.

How long does the application procedure take?

This differs by job opening. Our aim is to complete the procedure for the candidate within three weeks in accordance with the job application process. For the complete process click here.

I have not heard anything about my application. What should I do?

After the closing date we reply to the job applicants within a few days. If no closing date was specified, you can expect to receive a reply within a few days after submitting your application. Of course you can always phone, e-mail, chat or contact the relevant recruiter through social media.

How do I find out why I was rejected?

If you were not invited for an interview you will receive an e-mail with an explanation. If you attended an interview you will receive a personal explanation by telephone.

Can I apply, even though I do not meet the requirements of the position?

We recommend that you do not apply for the job opening in that case. Are you nevertheless hesitating? In that case contact the recruiter mentioned in the job opening in order to inform yourself about your suitability.

Who should I contact for questions?

You can always phone, e-mail, chat or contact one of the recruiters through social media.

Can I call you to obtain more information about a job opening?

You can always phone, e-mail, chat or establish contact with the recruiter listed under the job opening through social media.

Do I qualify for the reimbursement of my travel expenses as an applicant?

This is possible, depending on the travel distance.

Do you file my information?

Yes, your information is filed for one year following the last contact. You agree to this when you submit your application. If you object to this you can indicate this to one of the recruiters.

Is Dutch nationality mandatory/Can I apply from abroad?

We welcome a foreign nationality. We have international positions within APG Asset Management. For most positions you must have a good command of the Dutch language (both spoken and written).

Is it also possible for me to work abroad?

We have two foreign branches: in New York and Hong Kong. These are small business units, specifically focused on Asset Management for the local market. It does happen that Dutch employees go and work there, however, this only happens sporadically.

I work for a recruiting and selection/secondment/temporary employment agency and I have an ideal candidate for you. What should I do?

APG occasionally uses agencies with which we have already established close contacts for staffing permanent positions. It is therefore not useful to contact us about a potential new partnership.

I have a profile of a candidate who is a perfect fit for your position. Can I submit it to you for consideration?

We do not accept CVs submitted without obligation from agencies. We would be pleased to accept candidates that are submitted under personal cover from within our own network.

Am I entitled to take training/courses?

We encourage employees to continue learning and developing in their profession and personally. We jointly prepare a Personal Development Plan with associated actions such as work arrangements and training. This way we review your op

How do you facilitate travel between locations and any overnight stays?

You can claim your mileage: € 0.29 per kilometer. This is made up of € 0.19 net and € 0.09 gross. If you use public transportation, you can make use of APG’s Dutch National Railways (NS) Business Card. Overnight hotel stays that are work related will be reimbursed by APG.

What type of people work for APG?

We employ many different colleagues. The things we have in common include our motivation, perseverance, passion and drive. Entrepreneurial and solution-oriented. The level of education is primarily at the level of higher professional education (HBO) and university (WO).

Do you have any other questions?

Send an e-mail to and you will receive a response within 5 working days.