Talent and potential

Being able to do your work with a great deal of pleasure and energy is important for you as an individual and professional and for APG as employer and service provider. And both of us want you to use your talents to the maximum and to perform to the maximum of your potential in a sustainable way. APG will facilitate you in this respect, but as a professional you are in control and are responsible for this yourself. The Personal Development Plan (PDP) is at the basis of your personal development. Every year, together with your manager, you determine which training or education program offers the best fit for your needs and ambition. This can be a customized program, as well as an existing corporate training program.

Corporate training programs

APG offers different corporate training programs for everyone who works for us. These are matched to your needs in each specific phase of your career. For some job groups professional training programs are mandatory. For example, when your position involves providing advice on pensions. However, for example, in the area of ICT or marketing, we also expect you to be and keep abreast of your area of expertise. In some cases mutual agreements are formulated through means of a study contract.

In addition, APG has corporate training programs that are focused on knowledge gathering or competency development. For example, a special training program, ‘The World of Pensions’, has been developed in collaboration with the University of Maastricht.  This is a 5-day training course that introduces you, as a new employee, to the pension subject matter. In addition there are training programs in the area of leadership or project management.

3,400 colleagues in 300 different positions

Develop your potential

Talent Development within APG is focused on Management Development and Professional Development. We keep an eye on potential within management and specialist positions at the top of the organization. But we also keep a careful eye on young potential. Our young professionals can also count on receiving full attention for their development. You can gain a great deal of experience within APG in a short period of time through informal contacts on the work floor or via the many projects on which we collaborate with various kinds of expertise. APG offers many challenges that can become your opportunities.

Knowledge sharing

APG encourages knowledge sharing. Our professors accompany master students for a sharp debate on collectivity and solidarity. Increase your knowledge with the best in their profession. With us you use our full potential you. Also by facilitating internal communities (such as Young APG, Secretary platform, Top women and Active Aging). And by actively participating  in external networks. like Women in Financial Services, The National Register and PensionLab, we actively encourage knowledge sharing.