APG is a driving force in the international world of collective pensions. With approximately 3,200 colleagues, we take care of the administration, asset management, and communications for more than four million pension participants. This makes us responsible for pension assets amounting to over € 500 billion.

The dynamics of our work call for innovative minds and enthusiastic talent. We are continuously looking for young people to fit this profile, and to help them become the best they can be. The APG World of Pensions Scholarship is a perfect start of a bright career in finance, asset management or pensions.

Internationally oriented pension-related subjects

As a trainee at APG, you will work on four projects in different departments. Your last job might have an international element. APG believes it is important to look at new developments in the pensions market across borders too. This international orientation contributes significantly to the development of a broad vision. The goal of the World of Pensions Scholarship program is the conservation, international development and improvement of the collective pension system. The program supports APG’s (international) track record as a pensions expert.

The pension-related subject being studied this year is 'Innovation in retirement and freedom of choice,' an international comparison of freedom of choice in retirement. Onno Steenbeek and Eduard Ponds, both from APG, are closely involved in the research and the preparation of the position paper on this subject. Onno Steenbeek is Professor of Risk Management of Pension Funds at the Erasmus School of Economics, and Eduard Ponds is Professor of Economics of Collective Pensions at Tilburg University. They monitor the quality of the research that should contribute to innovation and to expanding APG´s expertise. At the same time, this research also contributes to the training and work experience of trainees.

Research and innovation

As part of the research 'Innovation in retirement and freedom of choice', trainees Elody Hutten and Annelies van Daal went on a knowledge trip to England. “We were given the opportunity to meet with both pension professionals and scientists to discuss the influence of pension freedoms in the UK. We also discussed the science of decision behavior in general. We believe you should look at a subject from different angles from time to time. Their knowledge regarding pension choices in practice, and decision behavior can be used to prepare for a changing Dutch pension sector.”

“Such a knowledge trip is not only valuable to APG but also to us as young professionals. We were able to enhance our personal growth by gaining more knowledge on pension choices and research as well as experience with respect to preparing and leading meetings in an international context. This also allowed us to expand our professional network in the UK and gave us many new ideas to explore and develop at APG.”