Clear communication with supervisory bodies, participants and employers

What does Pension communication mean at APG?

You think it’s important that your participants have faith in your pension fund. And that you comply with the regulators’ requirements. APG will help you realize this, with customized Pension communication.

Corporate communication and reputation management

You think it’s important that your participants have faith in your pension fund; particularly at a time when pensions are under pressure. APG advises and supports the development of an effective communication strategy. If desired, we will administer this strategy for you as well: making use of multi-channel pension communication, geared to the target group. We can also speak on behalf of your fund and be responsible for contact with the press.

Customized participant communication

Do you require customized participant communication? We work for pension funds in a variety of sectors, such as education, government, cleaning and construction. Funds’ participants are all different regarding, for example, their level of education and pension awareness. We take this into account in the communication strategy. Just as we do of your specific wishes and requirements. You may primarily want to concentrate on the optimum provision of statutorily required communication, or simply excel in the area of your pension communication. Your wishes form the basic principle of our service.

Supporting employers’ communication

How do you support the Pension communication by employers affiliated to your fund? They are often the first point of contact for your participants in matters related to their pensions. We will gladly offer them a helping hand by, for example, providing them with presentations for their employees and information for intranet or newsletters.

A wide range of means of communication

How do you want to approach your participants? APG offers you a choice from a variety of wide-ranging means of communication. The Uniform Pension Statement is obligatory but, in addition, you can choose from magazines, digital newsletters, information on site and social media. Or a personal digital file, providing participants with an integrated personal statement of pension rights and supplementary insurances. To ensure your participants are optimally informed, we work continuously on innovative means of communication, such as personal long-distance meetings at which, via a webcam, participants can discuss their personal pension situation with customer services.

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