An even balance between security, ambition and price

What does APG’s Executive consultancy involve?

Do you have enough information to make well-considered decisions? We offer integral advice in respect of Asset Liability Management (ALM) and communication, legal and actuarial issues. Our added value is the connection with reality.

Asset Liability Management (ALM)

Does your pension fund strike the right balance between investments and liabilities? And how about the balance between risk appetite and ambition? ALM is an essential part of risk management in your pension fund and one of the pillars of your policy. We perform ALM analyses for your fund’s specific situation. We can advise you about the content or adjustment of your pension contract in respect of ambition, price and risks. Additionally, we can perform ALM studies to show the details of your fund’s balance sheet risks. Our ALM specialists have many years of experience in the academic world and maintain excellent contact with pension organizations, universities, public bodies and supervisory bodies. Based on this network, we are well-informed of new developments, enabling us to go the extra mile on your behalf.

Risk management  

You aim for a good balance between ambition, certainty and price. The foundation of that balance is your risk attitude. We offer you a tool to determine your attitude towards risk as the Fund’s Executive Board, allowing you to make strategic decisions for a virtual pension fund to see the impact. This makes you more aware of risks, confronting you with the consequences of the choices you make. Furthermore, our risk manager is happy to assist you in preparing or adjusting Integral Risk Management (IRM).

Advice on content of pension scheme

Are you prepared for changes in regulations and legislation? We can advise you on the consequences to your pension scheme at an early stage. Via our contacts in both The Hague and Brussels, we are often able to influence any changes, and we understand which issues are current at an early stage. This allows us to advise you on amending your pension scheme in due time.


Legal advice

Our legal support focuses on general pension-related issues. We also process specific requests, including preparing and adjusting fund documentation and contracts, and adjusting premiums and indexations. If you should need support in legal proceedings, you can also rely on us. You are always assured of integral advice. Our governance structure also assures the objectivity of our advice.

Actuarial advice

As the pension fund Board, you want to look forward. We apply our actuarial knowledge to outline a number of possible future scenarios. Or perhaps you would like advice on financing, financial reports or valuation issues? We are happy to assist. We can also support you in the event of collective value transfers and continuity analyses.

Communication advice

Your policy choices have an impact on the participants and employers within your scheme. It is important to correctly explain these choices in your communications to the various target groups. We support you in determining your communication strategy, from reputation management to deploying new communication channels or tools to reach your participants. Based on this advice, we consult to find the right message and the desired leverage of communication tools to get the message across to your target group. We test the choices by performing effect measurements.

Advice to social partners

Social partners determine the content of a pension scheme. Our sector managers are able to advise and support the social partners in your sector regarding pensions, income security, social security and vitality. They can assist in developing a discerning Central Labor Agreement, helping your sector to be and remain an attractive work environment. They can also help you offer affordable solutions to supplement the pension scheme.Our legal and actuarial specialists can also support your social partners in their negotiations by indicating the costs of the different pension scheme variations and the legal options. 

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