A reliable and affordable pension for every generation

What does APG’s asset management involve?

It is essential that you, as the pension fund Board Member, are able to fulfill your obligations towards your participants, now and in the future. This requires asset management with a long-term vision and well-founded strategic plans. APG Asset Management can help you with this.

We aim at realizing a good and affordable pension for both current and future generations. Worldwide, we are one of the largest pension capital investors. Our clients benefit from economies of scale. It gives them access to investment options and external mandates (for example private equity and infrastructure) that would otherwise not be an option, or at least not at the same favorable conditions. With about 650 highly qualified employees working from the Netherlands, the USA and Asia, we have in-house expertise ensuring stable long-term returns.

We invest 443 billion euros (December 2016) for pension funds with the greatest possible care. It is all about the balance between risk and return. And a stable policy based on a long-term perspective. The result: an average annual nominal return of approximately 7 percent for the past 20 years.

APG as asset manager

Read more about our service asset management at APG as asset manager. Here we explain among others our Investment process, Risk management and Responsible investing.

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