Each fund has its own appropriate pension administration

Custom work in the provision of services

Are you looking for a provider who handles the asset management, administration, communication and executive consultancy? APG offers these services for large, medium sized, and small pension funds in the public and private sectors.

Your pension fund is unique in terms of size, members file, assets invested, and challenges. These differences impose specific requirements in terms of the kind of performance needed. APG is responsible for the administrative side of over 30 funds (pensionfunds, Early Retirement Funds en Social Investment Funds) in both the public and private sectors. Since APG now works for over 30 funds, it has extensive experience in providing custom solutions.

Comprehensive analysis

At APG, you can opt for different products and services and, in addition, for different service levels. Cooperation always starts with a very comprehensive exploratory study. We first compile a detailed picture of the fund in terms of, among other things, your management, financial position, and investment portfolio. In addition, we analyze relevant practical issues.

Proposal for provision of services

Based on the aforementioned picture of your fund, we detail a proposal for the ideal provision of services. This proposal we comprehensively discuss with you. Together we ultimately determine the exact form of the services to be provided, which is always a matter of custom work, as is the case with a transfer from a current pension provider to APG.

Your own account team

You have your own account team with APG. Your account team identifies the requirements and wishes of your fund and ensures that the services provided are perfectly tailored to those requirements and wishes. 

Your pension articles


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