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We like actively sharing knowledge, and obtaining knowledge from the pension funds we work for and other authorities in the pension sector. This serves to optimize our services and to keep us on our toes. Read more >

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Brochure Pension in progress

Governing a pension fund is an important responsibility. With APG you build a solid foundation for your pension administration.

Responsible Investment Report 2015

Asset managers can play an important role in making the world more sustainable. This entails a great deal of responsibility and is something we are very keen to put into practice, working with our clients. This report sets out how we did this during 2015 and the outcomes we obtained.

APG Group's annual report 2015

Herewith you will find APG's annual report of 2015.

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Alignment of the workforce with the participant population

On 6 December a new group of employers in the private and public sectors put their signature to the Diversity Charter. Eighty companies are now committed to an increase in diversity and an inclusive business environment. By signing the Diversity Charter, these companies and organizations undertake to make specific efforts towards an effective diversity policy. Renate Litjens, director of Group Human Resources, signed on behalf of APG. Read more >

ABP wins award for Pension Pop-Up Store

2016 Pension Reference award presented to ABP and FinBase

On the last day of the 3-day Pension Event, Secretary of State Klijnsma awarded the 2016 Pension Reference Award to ABP and FinBase. The award presented by Wijzer in Geldzaken (Smarter in Financial Affairs) is an incentive for organizations to give their consumers easier insight into their pension. Read more >

APG and Xander Group form $450 million joint venture

Creating India's leading fully integrated retail real estate company

In the largest single deal in the retail real estate sector in India, Dutch pension fund asset manager APG Asset Management (“APG”) and Virtuous Retail (“VR”), sponsored by leading emerging markets investment firm The Xander Group Inc. (“Xander”), have partnered to form a joint venture that has acquired an initial portfolio of 3 retail assets from a Xander sponsored fund in a transaction valued at ~ INR 2,000 crores (US$ 300 million). APG has invested 77% of the equity for a majority shareholding in the joint venture. Xander has invested the balance 23%. The two partners will have equal representation on the board of the new company which will be chaired by Sid Yog, the founder of Virtuous Retail. Read more >

Self-employed (zzper) does not use an average of 1,450 euros in tax credits

Apparent from ZZP Pension study

ZZPs (Self-Employed Person without staff) hardly make use of the tax scheme designed to make pension savings more appealing. Independent entrepreneurs not making extensive use of this scheme means they miss hundreds to thousands of euros in tax credits. This scheme is worth considering at incomes exceeding 1,000 euros per month. Over 70% of the ZZPs is not aware of this scheme. This is apparent from online surveys of ZZP Pension, conducted among 200 ZZPs in late September. Read more >

The landmark redevelopment of the Edinburgh St James centre will commence with immediate effect, now that Dutch APG has agreed a deal with TH Real Estate, to take a 75 per cent stake in the 1.7 million sq ft retail and leisure centre. TH Real Estate will hold the remaining 25 per cent stake, on behalf of its UK Shopping Centre Fund. TH Real Estate will continue its role as development and asset manager of the project, for which construction will now commence. It will be one of the UK’s largest private sector regeneration projects. Read more >

Pension system 2025: ready for the next sequence in the 21st century?

Contribution of APG for Dutch PBM publication Pensioen Topics

In the new Dutch book ‘Pensioen Topics’ (Dutch for Pension Topics), a publication of Pensioen, Bestuur & Management, leading authors in the pensions world present their vision on the pension contract, investments, management and governance. In this book, mainly focused on pension fund Board Members, APG colleagues Jurre de Haan, Peter Gortzak and Alwin Oerlemans present their vision on the pension system of the future. Read more >

Investing in UN targets, with return on investment

Last year, the UN set out the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) for 2030. A set of 17 highly ambitious goals relating to climate, health care, education and further topics. In the coming 15 years, we will need all hands on deck, and we will need a contribution from major institutional investors to achieve these goals. Read more >

Experiences and Best Practices about gender diversity on European Boards

As a follow-up on the quantitive analyses of European Women on Boards in april 2016 a qualitative study on board gender diversity was published this July. It is based on interviews with twenty important business and governance leaders from across Europe, comprised of board members from large listed companies, institutional investors, and others. On behalf of APG David Shammai shared his vision on the subject. Read more >

A level playing field comparison

Many countries witness an ongoing debate on how current pension contracts could be improved, compare for example the Netherlands and the United Kingdom regarding 2nd pillar pensions. A paper about pension contracts and risk sharing by Jurre de Haan (APG), Zina Lekniute (APG, University of Amsterdam) & Eduard Ponds (APG, Tilburg University) Read more >

APG's responsible investment report 2014

APG increases share of responsible investments

APG has almost doubled its investments with a high sustainability value; this is evident from the 2014 Responsible Investing Report. While at the beginning of 2014, such investments accounted for approximate €16 billion, this figure reached some 31 billion by the end of 2014. In total this represents almost eight percent of APG’s assets under management. Read more >

Young people in the pension sector start Pension On campaign

More than half (51%) of young people on the job market give no thought to their own pension, according to a survey on financial awareness among starters on the job market. This has prompted young employees in the pension sector to launch the Pension On campaign to increase pension awareness among starters. Read more >

Breakthrough for shareholders in US corporations

Large investors are to get a greater say in the formation of certain corporate boards

After many years of opposition, several US corporations are now willing to give shareholders the right to nominate directors to the board. The right will be granted to (groups of) shareholders owning at least 3% of the corporation’s shares continuously for at least three years. Read more >

In 2012, Mats Andersson, CEO at Fjärde AP-fonden, or the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund, began a massive purge of the fund’s public equity portfolio. The mandate: Strip out every known environmental polluter in the S&P 500 index (defined as companies with large carbon dioxide emissions and/or fossil fuel reserves) from the portfolio, which makes up 60 percent of the fund’s total holdings. Read more >

Test: What is your pension personality?

Disappointed dutiful participants, unconcerned developers, rational entrepreneurs.” These are just some of the five pension personalities APG has discovered among Dutch pension participants. APG believes pension funds can communicate with participants in a more relevant way by gearing information to the participant’s personality and motives. Read more >

APG wants to double sustainable energy investments

Confirmation of sustainability ambitions at the UN Climate Summit in New York

In the next three years, APG wants to double its investments in sustainable energy generation from one to two billion EURO. Today, in a speech at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, APG executive Angelien Kemna emphasizes the role that pension funds and institutional investors can play in combating climate change. Read more >

for listed European companies

APG Asset Management has formulated guidelines for remuneration at listed European companies in its global portfolio. APG has taken this step to clarify its perspective as a shareholder that focuses on long-term value creation and to make discussions on the subject of pay with the boards of these companies more effective. Read more >

Response to pension communication bill

Is it only about improving pension communication?

Tuesday 2 September 2014, State Secretary Jetta Klijnsma submitted a Pension Communication Bill to the House of Representatives. The aim of this Bill is to make it easier for people to find out about their pension and give them a better idea of the current position. Read more >

Net scheme for top salaries more favorable than announced by government earlier

Employees with an income of more than €100,000 can continue to save more pension than was expected to be the case. The new net pension saving scheme for high salaries is more favorable than the government had announced before the summer. This emerged from the final proposal that State Secretaries Jetta Klijnsma of Social Affairs and Eric Wiebes of Finance sent to the House of Representatives this week. Read more >

Going Dutch

Better pensions for the Brits

Ruben Laros and Alwin Oerlemans talk about the surprise in the British Queen’s Speech this year: collective pensions in line with the Dutch CDC (collective defined contribution) model are to become possible in the United Kingdom. In addition to other innovations in the British pension system, such as the introduction of the NEST with national coverage, legislation is being introduced to enable a tenable pension scheme based on risk sharing. Read more >

APG contributes to conference on future of the pension system

On June 5 2014 a conference entitled “Toward a new pension system in the Netherlands” was held in Rotterdam. Onno Steenbeek (Managing Director, Asset Liability Management at APG and professor at the Erasmus School of Economics) was organizer and honorary chairman. Read more >

New FTK does not result in major changes

On Wednesday, June 25, State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment Jetta Klijnsma sent the legislative proposal for amendment of the Financial Assessment Framework (abbreviated FTK in Dutch) to the Dutch House of Representatives. In this proposal the government proposes limited changes with respect to the current supervisory framework for pension funds. Read more >

Changes in EU rules for pension funds

The European Commission recently published a proposal for a review of the European Pension Fund Directive (IORP Directive). This proposal primarily contains requirements on risk management, governance, transparency and the provision of information to participants and (national) regulators. Read more >

Capital based pension systems across Europe

From a regulator’s perspective

Funded and collective pension systems are complex contracts involving and interlinking many generations; sometimes even the unborn. These contracts between old and young go hand in hand with an exchange of mutual benefits and obligations between generations, which can lead to an improvement of welfare for both. Indeed, most empirical evidence and theory in this respect show that sharing risks between generations is welfare-enhancing, although the magnitude of these benefits is debated. Read more >

Let me first explain that I am not the kind of expert who usually fills the pages of a book on Pensions. I consider myself a generalist, instead of a real specialist. Nevertheless I have some observations I would like to share with you. There are things I am wondering about myself. But I mainly want to use this contribution to let everybody know that I am willing to defend the Dutch pension system in Europe. Read more >

Funded pensions can strengthen European economic growth

Now that the debt crisis seems more or less under control, Europe’s next challenge is to put the economy back on track of robust, structural growth. Important to this task is to reconsider the European financial landscape, and to see how it can be better geared to supporting the long-term investment needs with sustained growth. Read more >

Mind the gap...

With occupational pensions to an adequate retirement income

Demographic developments leading to cuts in state pension provision create the need to supplement retirement income with private pensions. Pension reforms all across Europe had in the early 2000s therefore a common theme: reducing the generosity of the public pay-as-you-go (PAYG) public pension pillar and strengthening or building up (new) funded pillars relying on private saving through occupational and individually funded pension plans. Read more >

European policy view on pensions and financial stability

European financial markets and financial intermediation are in a process of profound change, and in particular so since the recent global banking crisis. Traditionally Europe has been basing financial intermediation on its system of universal banks, with other forms of financing channels on aggregate rather ancillary and only somewhat more developed in some Member States. Read more >

Pension domain needs product innovation

Alwin Oerlemans, Director Institutional Business Development for pension provider APG, indicated during an afternoon study session of the Dutch Association of Investment Analysts (VBA) that the pension investor can expect to see new innovations emerge over the coming years. For example, what can be done to improve the investability of illiquid assets? Read more >

Interactive APG Responsible Investment Report

Annual update of different examples of APG’s ESG-activities on interactive map.

Responsible investing is an integral part of our investment policy. Factors with regard to environmental, social & governance (abbreviated to ESG) can have a positive impact on the financial performance of companies in the long-term. Read more >

Europe is eyeing up the Portability Directive I

The European Commission announced that the discussions will be reopened on a proposal outlining portability of pensions for employees moving between two EU member states. The last time a plan was presented on this subject was in 2007, when the European Commission issued a proposal for a Directive. Read more >

Sections 5 through 7 of the BPF2000 Act are expected to be relaxed effective from July, 2013. From that date on, pension funds can communicate who implements their policy, and administrative organizations and asset managers, such as APG, are allowed to disclose which pension funds are their clients. Read more >

White Paper on Pensions

In February 2012 the European Commission published the 'White Paper on Pensions'. This White Paper contains 20 European Commission policy initiatives for 'adequate and sustainable pension systems' in Europe. The White Paper is a follow-up of the Green Paper on Pensions which was published in 2010. Read more >

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