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Participations APG Group

APG Group has three brands: APG, Loyalis and Inadmin.





APG carries out the executive consultancy, asset management, pension administration and communication for pension funds in the field of collective pensions. On behalf of our clients we take care of the pensions of approximately 4,5 million people. APG Group operates globally with offices in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Heerlen) and subsidiaries in Hong Kong and New York.


Loyalis is a specialist in the field of supplementary collective, semi-collective and individual income arrangements for employers and employees in the government, education and energy sector and for utility en  construction companies. These arrangements are in line with the collective pension schemes of these sectors. You can find more information on www.loyalis.nl.




Inadmin carries out the administration of defined contribution schemes for (premium) pension institutions (PPIs), (company) pension funds, asset managers and insurance companies. Inadmin does this under the name of the client. The administration runs on a proven, advanced IT-platform with a high degree of self-service. It allows Inadmin to administer every type of defined contribution scheme in a transparent and efficient manner at low costs.

More information on www.inadmin.nl/en


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