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Dutch pension system and solidarity pension

We concur with our clients: we believe in the power of the Dutch pension system. Making collective agreements on a solidarity basis and proportionally distributing the costs and risks affords millions of Dutch people higher financial security on retirement.

Solidarity between co-workers and generationsSolidarity between co-workers and generations is the power of the pension system. The costs and risks are shared by a large group. Our ambition is to support this system with our knowledge and expertise. We actively assist in developing its innovation, ensuring that the system continues to benefit future generations, for example by supporting four professorships.

APG is a pension provider organizing the pensions for 4.5 million people on behalf of its clients. For our clients, we provide the retirement plans of one in every five families in the Netherlands. A responsible task that we are aware of every day. In everything we do, we keep our final goal in mind: realizing a good and affordable pension at a reasonable rate for as many people as possible. Now and in the future.

APG strong in collective and solidary pension

Our mission is to realize a good pension at affordable cost for as many participants as possible. APG firmly believes that participants benefit from a collective pension system. We support this pension system with our knowledge and expertise, aiming to realize a good, affordable collective pension that will remain reality for both current and future generations. Read more >

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