Integration in the investment process

Ensuring that 4.5 million Dutch citizens receive a good pension; that is what we do on behalf of our clients. We invest the contributions that participants and their employers put aside each month in the best possible way. 

In doing so we look beyond the most recent financial results and explicitly take sustainability and corporate governance factors into account in our investment decisions. Last year we again made significant progress in integrating this approach in all asset classes, also including our quantitative equity portfolios. As one of the largest pension investors in the world, APG also uses its size to encourage companies to operate more sustainably with greater attention for their employees and their environment, and with a governance board that listens also to the minority shareholders. We engage in dialogue on these matters with the companies in which we invest on behalf of our clients. Moreover, we set conditions for our business partners, such as external asset managers. In this way we aim to contribute to a necessary change in culture in the financial sector as well. This report sets out how we did this during 2013.

Angelien Kemna, Chief Investment Officer and Member of the Executive Board of Directors

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