Good governance

Accountability as a shareholder

Representing pension funds

APG Asset Management is an engaged shareholder operating on behalf of pension funds. We offer transparent communication and are accountable to you on the performance of this role.

On your behalf, APG Asset Management implements the role of shareholder in the companies you invest in. As a shareholder in these companies, we are aware of the rights and responsibilities that this involves.

This is why we are active, among others, in the area of corporate governance. In our opinion, there is a link between attention to good corporate governance and the risk-return profile of the companies we invest in for you. This is why this is embedded in our investment beliefs:

“Returns are achieved in a responsible way, considering the environment, social policy and good governance. Considering non-financial factors in the investment process can improve the relationship between risk and return.”

Transparency & accountability

In our Corporate Governance Framework, please find our notions on responsible shareholdership and how to translate this into policy and implementation.

The Responsible Investment Policy lists the eight principles for responsible investment that form the frame of reference for our thoughts and actions regarding integrally responsible investment. In our Responsible Investment Report and the page Voting behavior we publish the details of the operational implementation of the Responsible Investment Policy.

Dutch Corporate Governance Code

As an institutional investor, we observe the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. APG Asset Management deviates from this code in a single issue: best practice provision IV 4.4, proposing limitations in exercising the right to proposing agenda items. We determine what is in your best interests on a case by case basis.

Eumedion Best practices for engaged shareholdership

As a participant in the Dutch corporate governance platform Eumedion, we observe the best practices for engaged shareholdership of this platform. These best practices provide a guideline to Eumedion participants for the implementation of their role as shareholders in Dutch companies.

In this context, also read the APG Conflict of interest policy.

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