Responsible investment policy applies across all asset classes

Eight principles for responsible investment

The way APG manages its clients’ pension assets is about more than realizing financial gains. On behalf of our clients we implement the Responsible Investment Policy for they can demonstrate their social responsibility and integrity and assure a long term good investment. The responsible Investment Policy applies across all asset classes.

1. Responsible investment is an integral part of the investment process at APG.

We take shareholder rights and environmental and social factors into consideration in our investment decisions. Research in the fields of sustainability and shareholder rights can lead to a decision to decline a certain investment offer, to sell the investment, or to increase or reduce the size of the investment.

2. APG enters into dialogue with companies in order to achieve sustainability and good corporate governance.

In meetings with companies we make our standards on sustainability and shareholder rights clear. To emphasize our message, we often cooperate with other investors in this area.

3. APG expects companies to act with respect for the principles of the UN Global Compact, and we will sell the shares we hold if the dialogue does not lead to improvement. Moreover, APG does not invest in products which are banned under Dutch law or international regulations.

This means that we do not invest in companies that are directly involved in the manufacture of landmines, cluster ammunition and their firing systems, or chemical or biological weapons. We also rule out products or services widely regarded as objectionable in the Netherlands. The minimum standards for companies in the fields of human rights, labor standards, the environment and corruption are specified in the UN Global Compact.

4. APG does not invest in sovereign bonds issued by countries that are subject to an arms embargo by the UN Security Council.

An UN Security Council arms embargo indicates that there is serious concern about a country's human rights situation.

5. APG actively exercises our rights as shareholder.

We vote at the shareholders’ meetings of the companies in which we invest. We publish our voting behavior and provide explanations of how we voted.

6. APG strongly advocates robust Dutch and international laws and regulations aimed at promoting sustainability and good corporate governance.

We regularly discuss sustainability and shareholder rights with legislators and regulatory bodies. We also contribute to the development of standards aimed at improving the integrity of the financial markets over the long term.

7. APG actively looks for attractive investments that promote sustainability.

APG invests in alternative energy, clean technologies and micro loans, and is always looking for new opportunities to invest in such contributions to sustainability.

8. APG actively propagates our responsible investment policy in order to promote sustainability and corporate governance.

We cooperate with other asset managers and pension funds across the world in order to increase the effect of our responsible investment policy for our clients. We are active in various Dutch and international forms of cooperation. And we communicate extensively about our activities. 

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