A balanced asset mix composed of 14 investment funds

Portfolio construction

Compiling a balanced investment mix

An optimal return ensures the desired growth of pension assets. In addition, you want to hedge a part of the risks to cover your pension fund’s liabilities. A mix of investment funds allows for adequate management of your pension assets.

We offer a wide range of asset classes to achieve an optimal portfolio construction. You can choose from 14 investment funds.

Please click on one of the investment funds to see a fact sheet of the fund with more information and figures of the fund. 

Depending on your investment needs, we construct a mix of investment funds in consultation with your pension fund. Based on a combination of different active investment styles, we ensure a good match with your pension fund’s liabilities.

Treasury & Trading

Our Treasury Center offers your pension fund significant benefits

Our Treasury & Trading team conducts all purchase and sell transactions of listed equities and bonds for various APG Funds and pension funds clients. Transactions of Over-The-Counter (OTC) derivatives and money market instruments are the responsibility of APG's Treasury Center. Read more >

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