Transparent communication about managing your pension assets


Reliable reports are the basis of a quality investment policy

As a pension fund Board Member, you need timely, reliable information. Participants and supervisors require this from you. This is the basis for a quality investment policy. Using up-to-date automation systems, we ensure carefully balanced reports.

You are expected to control your fund’s investment risks based on high-quality data. After all, reliable information is the basis of a quality investment policy. We supply you with this information. You can rely on our financial reports, enabling you to make well-founded decisions about risk levels.

Our data warehouse annually sends out thousands of different reports with backgrounds, statistics and analyses. Automated systems enable the processing of about 800,000 financial transactions each year. Naturally, reporting to the supervisors is also well-organized.

Accountability as a shareholder

Representing pension funds

APG Asset Management is an engaged shareholder operating on behalf of pension funds. We offer transparent communication and are accountable to you on the performance of this role. Read more >

Your pension articles


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