Excellent assistance and implementation

The investment process

Assistance and implementation with optimal results

You can count on quality assistance and implementation of your asset management process: from policy development to strategic advice and portfolio construction.

After an introduction, we present you with an action plan. This will include:

  • advice on Asset Liability Management;
  • an investment strategy tailored to your pension funds’ liabilities and ambitions;
  • a proposal for a strategic portfolio;
  • a proposal for implementation and transition of your pension assets.

The investment process consists of three steps:

  • ALM study;
  • Strategic investment advice;
  • Portfolio construction.

Integral management

We manage 80 percent of our investment portfolios in-house

APG Asset Management manages 80 percent of its investment portfolio in-house. Managing such a large part of our investment portfolio in-house, allows us to make well-founded decisions and achieve a higher risk-corrected return. This applies to the entire investment portfolio and we align this policy to each specific investment strategy. Read more >

Research and development

Investment decisions substantiated with scientific research

Scientific research and think-tanks provide an assessment of our investment strategies. Read more >

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