24/7 access to stock exchanges via local networks

International orientation

If you make large-scale foreign investments, you require foreign expertise and local networks. The local networks and personal contacts are the ultimate keys to access to interesting investments. For worldwide investments, it is important to have 24-hour access to the stock exchange. This is why APG has subsidiaries in both New York and Hong Kong.

New York

The financial specialists in New York mainly focus on investments in fixed-income securities, property, hedge funds, private equity and infrastructure. APG Asset Management US Inc’s office is located in the Chrysler Center, in the heart of Manhattan. New Holland Capital (NHC) is in the same building. This hedge fund manager works exclusively for APG Asset Management.

Hong Kong

From our Hong Kong office, we can closely monitor economic development in the Far East. This office focuses mainly on investments in property, infrastructure and shares in emerging markets. Hong Kong was chosen as the ‘base station’ for its strategic location in Asia, where the economy shows strong development. The team uses the Hong Kong office as a stepping stone to an economically interesting triangle: the countries between Japan, India and Australia. APG Asset Management Asia’s office is located in Chater House in the heart of Hong Kong’s financial district.


To raise awareness and to ensure that interests of the client pension funds and the Dutch pension system are served by the European policy-makers, APG also has an office in the European center of Brussels, near the European Council, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Embassies of the EU member states. 

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