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A powerful pension system based on collectivism and solidarity. APG is committed to a reliable, affordable pension for current and future generations.


APG works to provide a good pension

The contributions from participants and employers account for about a quarter of what is required in order to pay out a monthly pension during the years of retirement. APG works to acquire the remainder on behalf of commissioning pension funds: about three-quarters is paid for from the investment returns over the years. This is how we work on providing a good pension for different generations, now and in the future.

Our clients

We provide pensions for various sectors, including the cleaning sector, education, the public sector, construction, medical specialists, the energy sector and housing corporations.


Sustainable and socially responsible

Managing the assets of our clients is about more than just financial results. We contribute to society by applying sustainability and ESG factors.

Difference makes the difference

Diversity leads to better operational results. We know this from research and from our own experience. That's why APG offers optimum opportunity and space for people with different talents. Women with ambition support and stiumulate each other via a top women's network. And that has an effect on our men too. 

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