MiFID II - Annual Reports 2019
The revised EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID II) requires firms providing portfolio management, who execute decisions to deal on behalf of their client’s portfolio or place orders with other entities for execution, to summarise this and make it public on an annual basis for each class of financial instruments. This summary contains the top five execution venues where they executed client orders and the top five investment firms where they placed client orders for execution in terms of trading volumes in the preceding year and information on the quality of execution obtained.

The following information is published in accordance with the technical standards as set out in Commission Delegated Regulation EU/2017/576 (RTS 28) representing the provision of the portfolio management investment service towards professional clients during the 2019 calendar year.

Download Annual Report – Commodities Derivatives 2019
Download Annual Report – Currency Derivatives 2019
Download Annual Report – Debt Bonds 2019
Download Annual Report – Debt Money Market Instruments 2019
Download Annual Report – Equities 2019
Download Annual Report – Equity Derivatives 2019
Download Annual Report – Interest Rate Derivatives Futures and Options 2019
Download Annual Report – Interest Rate Derivatives Swaps 2019
Download Annual Report – Securities Financing Transactions 2019
Download Annual Report – Structured Finance Instruments 2019

Download Top 5 counterparty overview (machine readable)
APG Group N.V. 2019 Annual Report
In 2019 APG achieved an average additional return for its pension funds and their members of 56 basis points compared to the market. At the same time, APG succeeded in reducing its administration costs per participant to €67.30. APG also gave 975,000 participants an insight into pension assets, and 1.845.000 participants were given a insight in their income for later. APG's turnover in 2019 was €944 million. The net result was €53 million. These results were announced in the Annual Report 2019 published today. Read it on
White paper - Pension infrastructure technology assessment
This paper is the summary of a distributed ledger technology (DLT) assessment and its outcome. The assessment was commissioned by APG on behalf of a consortium of pension stakeholders who joined forces in the Pension Infrastructure (PI) project. The latter is a unique Dutch pension use case that aims at increasing operational efficiency, improving participant experience, and creating value for society.

The key question was: can we use DLT to better organise the Dutch pension system, and is it technically feasible? To answer it, we developed a custom framework, leading to distilled insights in the rapidly maturing and volatile DLT market. The assessment was carried out in Q1 2019 by APG, PGGM and Accenture. TNO has supported this effort through contributing knowledge and feedback throughout the process.
Responsible Investment Report 2018
In 2018, APG has made significant progress in realizing our pension fund clients’ stated ambitions in the areas of sustainability and responsible investment. This relates, among other things, to the growth of our investments in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the progress that has been made in assessing all companies APG can invest in via shares or bonds on the basis of both financial and sustainability factors. These results were announced in the Responsible Investment Report 2018, published today.

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