Welcome to APG

A powerful pension system based on collectivism and solidarity. APG is committed to a reliable, affordable pension for current and future generations.


We are probably no stranger to you

APG manages the pension assets of 4.5 million Dutch citizens for its clients. We perform a responsible task for one in every five families. We are very much aware of this every day. Now and in the future.

1 in 5 families
30% of all collective pension schemes

Our clients

We provide pensions for various sectors, including the cleaning sector, education, the public sector, construction, medical specialists, the energy sector and housing corporations.


Sustainable and socially responsible

Managing the assets of our clients is about more than just financial results. We contribute to society by applying sustainability and ESG factors.

Your development is ours

The highest quality. That’s our aim. Quality both in services and our people. We are committed to talent and knowledge development. From the IT Application Manager to the Risk Controller. Together, we work now to ensure our pensions later. That is why we work at APG.

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